It’s time for fall home maintenance!

The temperature has dropped, the leaves are changing, and schools are in full swing – It is officially fall and time to start your fall home maintenance!  Use the checklist below to get started, and find how-to videos and instructions at Home Energy Resource MN’s website.

1. Check fireplace and chimney, service or clean if needed.

2. Clean range hood filter.

3. Check and clean mechanical ventilation system (HRV/ERV). Check your manual and follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Clear air intakes, exhaust and meters of debris, nests, etc.

5. Do safety checks: smoke detectors, fire escape routes, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide alarms, door and window locks.

6. Check gutters and downspouts and clean if needed.

7. Check roofing and flashing and repair signs of wear or damage.

8. Check roof vents/soffit vents.

9. Drain and close outside hose connection.

10. Winterize landscaping and blow out irrigation system.

11. Inspect pressure and temperature valve on water heater.

12. Maintain proper grades for drainage throughout the property.

13. Adjust thermostat for season change.

14. Check humidity levels to prevent excessive moisture.

15. Clean dryer vent.

16. Check garage floor for cracks – seal & caulk.