The Homeowner’s Handbook

We have just received our copy of Green Builder Magazine’s second annual sustainable construction guide, a fantastic resource giving you the information you need to understand the basic principles of sustainable design, planning, and construction.  The guide is short and concise – an easy read and quick reference.  We have a few copies here at our office/showroom if you would like to see it in person.

I would like to highlight their Green Building Pyramid:

Green Builder Magazine has successfully broken down, by difficulty, all the steps you can take to creating an eco-friendly home.

First and foremost is Education: “If you don’t understand basic green principles, you’re likely to make decisions you later regret”.  Green Builder College has courses you can take, but there are things you can do locally as well.  Just reading the handbook will give you a great start! The Northfield Public Library has several wonderful books on green building and remodeling.   We are also fortunate enough to have two colleges with many resources.

Secondly, if you are building a new home, consider Location, Siting, and House Size.  Controlling house size is one of my favorite aspects of being an Interior Designer.  In most house plans there are so many missed opportunities for saving space.  I love to find ways to increase efficiency and function, while maintaining the proper scale and proportions of the home.  With the economy the way it is, people are demanding (and rightly so, I believe) more functionality out of less space.